riding is life;

...everything else is minor details

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Some of these are real good, gonna have to try them. 

I love this

And for #7, make sure its like Febreeze or something. Then the room will smell pretty

These kids get 5 dollars from the tooth fairy? I only ever got from 25 cents to a dollar.

To be honest I was expecting these to get really dark and be like “cut out their tongue so they won’t scream at night” or something so I’m glad this didn’t turn out like I thought it would

u ok sarah

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On Thursday, March 20th, four Anaheim SWAT Officers, along with K-9 Unit Officer R.J. Young and K-9 Bruno, were involved in a shootout with a gang member.

The gang member opened fire on the officers, critically wounding K9 Bruno, who took a bullet to the jaw, which then exited his mouth and lodged in his chest, less than an inch from his heart. Bruno was rushed to the hospital, and surgeons worked for 3 hours to reconstruct his jaw, and remove part of his damaged lung.

Until recently, Bruno was too ill to have Officer Young see him because he would get too excited and would then refuse to lay down to rest. Officer Young finally got to spend some time with Bruno on Monday morning. He got to visit for only 30 mins., but said, “I could’ve just fallen asleep in there with him.”

Sending much love and support to K-9 Bruno and his family as he continues on the road to recovery. Hang in there big guy!




Photos courtesy of the OCPCA & the Anaheim Police Dept.

GOD BLESS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

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